X: The Castle of Love

Built on a rocky peak, THIS former 11th century count’s keep and 13th century royal fortress became the magnificent residence of the Dukes of Anjou in the 14th century, as depicted by the famous miniature the Three Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry.

René d’Anjou significantly improves the comfort of the entire castle, and IT will become known as the “castle of love”.

IT becomes a prison Under the reign of Louis XIV, and in 1814 IT is transformed into a weapon deposit. As the only gothic château of the Loire Valley, the city acquired IT from the state in 1906, renovated IT, and added the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Horse Museum.

During the Second World War IT suffered serious damage. In 2001, following the collapse of part of the ramparts, a new restoration began and IT was inaugurated in 2007.

Today we can enjoy ITS magnificent collections, programs and views.

What castle is IT?

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